About US

DUTA NIAGA started out in 2001 and has become a professional and well known supplier. For the first time, DUTA NIAGA main products include semiconductors, power modules, diodes, thyristor, power resistor and solid state relay. These products are used for industrial machinery, telecommunications, forklift, and consumer electronic.

Today, DUTA NIAGA has a diverse product lines and distributors in Europe, US, and Asia. We sell innovative products for variety of markets. The products include solar panel, power inverter DC- AC, and high power diodes.

We aim to enrich customers by providing the best products and we always sell high quality products with affordable prices and superior service, and we also includes data technical information to guidance customers know the function and performance of the products.

DUTA NIAGA committed to support our customer after the sale and if you have any questions about the products, please do not hesitate to contact us.